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Ciraxes is 415 professionals with extensive international experience in finance and internet technology.

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More than 150 trading tools for Forex trading. Invest in the world's best venues through popular trading platforms.

We offer traders round-the-clock really high-quality service and individual approach to each client. It is direct communication that is our main priority. We always listen to our clients, trying to improve our service.

Professional team

We use advanced liquidity aggregation technologies, state-of-the-art trading platforms and direct order placement mechanism - STP, ECN. We invest our efforts and funds in technology to improve the quality of our services.

Transparent working conditions

We believe that the success of any trader is determined solely by his trading decisions, and the mission of Forex broker is to provide the client with the most comfortable environment for the realization of his trading strategy.

Reliable business partnership

We pay special attention to guaranteeing the safety of clients' funds: opening segregated accounts, diversification of the company's assets in various banks around the world.

Security of client funds

Average time of execution of invoices Cent

Lower numbers mean better results.

For the period February through December 2023.

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Personal consultant

Work with a personal investment advisor and secure a guaranteed income.

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Trading Training

Learn more about trading fundamentals, fundamental and technical analysis.