Market analytics

Make the right trading decisions

Use any trading tools and strategies, based on past and current performance, as well as forecasts from leading experts.

Use the economic calendar and be aware of all market events

Follow the quotes in real-time mode

Separate instruments into growth and decline leaders

On-line quotes

Financial market quotes with additional information and charts.

Events Calendar

Work on financial markets with the help of economic calendar - apply any trading tools and strategies.

State of the market

Current state of the market by financial instruments on the market. Allows you to know the price for a specific time and see the dynamics for different periods.

Market leaders

Make fast trading decisions thanks to the performance of market leaders.

Important event

Major world economic events and real-time market reactions.

Chart Online

Use the main tool of traders - technical analysis on the chart of a financial instrument.

Market forecasts

Trading ideas, forecasts, hypotheses, analysis results from traders and analysts from all over the world.